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Martyn has not yet made a name for himself, yet hopefully being the operative word. An Exmoorian (person from Exmoor) he has always loved the outdoors, walking across the moors of Devon and taking part in hikes such as Ten Tors. Adventure was trodden into him and thanks to his father, kayaking became a source of these adventures.

After attending university where the summer Alps trip highlighted each year and then spending a couple of years working for Palm Equipment as a general minion, Martyn took a month to visit Africa, more specifically Bujigali, Uganda where he quickly fell in love with the Nile. This short affair lead him to spend just under a year there with Kayak the Nile and Africa imprinting a place deep under his skin creating an itch that will need to be revisited.

Currently this long haired mongrel has found himself as a paddleboard instructor for SUP Bristol sharing his passion for the water on location in the floating harbour with hundreds, possibly thousands of people sharing stoke and a few techniques to open up the waterways to anyone.

Photos Courtesy of Haley Mckee 


My photos are captured with the help of a Pentax K-50 with a 50-200mm lens, some with a sadly deceased 18-55mm lens.
I am also a keen IPhone photographer and sometimes use a GoPro.

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Current Quiver.
Morpho - Liquidlogic Braaap
Maddie - Ride Eclipse
Molly - Pyranha Jed
Papa Smurf - Dagger RPM
Susie Slalom - Nomad Quantum

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