Much Explore
Much Explore
Stories and photos from micro-adventures

Martyn Kirby is a professional human, and is one pretty much 24/7. While living as a human he tries his best at kayaking and paddleboarding.

When the universe alines itself to keep him on dry land he explores by foot or bike and occasionally takes a few photos along the way.

This is essentially a blog and gallery of the man's exploits in an attempt to document adventures mostly so he can learn from them on the way. - As sometimes its hard to learn lessons until events have been pointed out by third parties, this site has been made public.

Please look through, enjoy the photos and stories and get in contact. Most of the photos are my own, however sometimes I do use others when they are of me.

Some photos may be worth stealing but please don't. If you want to use any shoot me a message and we can work a trade out.

Photography courtesy of Haley Mckee and Emily Ward


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