The Green

I found myself in North Carolina in a quaint little city called Bryson City, quite near the NOC. After a week of being taken around a few classic runs such as the Ocoee by an awesome new human friend called Katie, time was running out to get myself to, and down the Green river. 


It was Saturday morning, I got in a car lovingly lent to me for the day, and I drove towards the get out for the green. I was about 2 hours away, in my excitement that drive seemed to last a lifetime. I was going to meet a chap called Wade a friend of a friend of a friend, who had gracefully agreed to help me pop my Green River Cherry.

The rest of this is a review of the river, by no means a guide or a step by step but more of a review. 

The Green is a classic, for those of you reading this who kayak your mind will probably be filled with images of Gorrilla, a massive, manky and mesmerising peice of white water, the setting to some pretty outrageous beat downs. I too had my head filled with these images so when we got to said rapid, I walked it.


The river as a whole is fantastic,  a run filled with entertaining rapids that require great timing and precision to make them look effortless. Fortunately if you are like me you can make your way down with what could sometimes be described as finesse but more often than not seen as fluffing the lines. 

The run is however unforgiving, I mean that in terms of boats and gear. If you watch the video attached you will notice the shear number of rocks, a lot of these you need to use to your advantage to make some tight lines, and every now and again there is a rock waiting to greet you on the landing of a boof. If I were to run this river everyday I’m sure I would go though boats like most people go though post-it notes.

The presence of the rocks gives the river it’s character and its major hazard, pinning, there is not much room for error on a lot of the rapids, being pinned is a very real risk of being pushed off line and one of the rapids seems to require a brief pin just to run it. I discovered on this run just how much a appreciate having water in rivers, at least enough to soften the blow for some boat-rock impacts.

To be fair I was paddling the river on a low release (7/8 on the gauge) and so the rocks were showing more than usual. I would love to go back to the Green with a bit more water and push myself into running the Big 3.

The Green river of North Carolina is a brilliant river and one I will return to, just not one I want to run day in day out. 

Massive thanks has to go to Wade, and also Adriene and Snowy for putting us in contact.